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Angel Beats Arthritis 

"The first Sonotron treatment produced startling results. Angel was able to rise from a sleeping position by herself (a rarity) and walk from the carpeted living room onto the linoleum kitchen floor - something she had been unable to do for months. Also, she was able to turn without falling when our other dog approached; this, too, is something she was unable to do before the treatment. The next four treatments, while not producing results as spectacular as the first, still showed her improving. She can do some walking by herself (impossible before without my support), walks more often and for longer distances, can at times rise by herself, can make turns more easily, and can lie with her spine curved now. The resulting improvement from the Sonotron treatments seems to be lasting. In my judgment, the Sonotron treatments have helped Angel more than anything else we have tried. They are non-invasive; they have not produced diarrhea, vomiting, or appetite loss; and, because she is still able to use the back legs, they have not atrophied. I only regret that we did not know of the Sonotron before her arthritis was so advanced."

- MB, New Jersey

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