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The Vet-Sonotron Mark 2 uses pulsed radio frequency therapy, which is a non-invasive therapy. This modality has multiple medical applications and can be used for pain management, joint therapy, inflammation, wound healing, and bone repair. etc. This form of therapy is nonthermal and does not cause the body discomfort and/or pain.  

Dog Therapy

How Does It Work? 

Pulsed Radio Frequency therapy works by using non-thermal energy to promote joint healing and pain relief. PRFT works by adjusting the way in which the nerve tissue functions, it does this by changing specific neural pathways.

Easy to Use 

Using the device is extremely easy, and  effective. The Vet-Sonotron Mark 2 offers treatment in 15 second intervals. All directed by a convenient LED display screen. The screen dictates treatment on a step by step basis making it easy for the administrator. The unit comes with a handheld applicator which is to be used to target the specific area of pain on animals.  

*This video is an example of how the Vet-Sonotron can be applied to a dogs hips.*

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