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Voiding Steroids

The Vet-Sonotron has been in use at an equine rehabilitation facility. The Vet-Sonotron was used to treat an 8-year-old thoroughbred suffering from chronic back pain. Prior to Vet-Sonotron treatment, the horse was receiving steroid injections to help with pain and inflammation. The horse was treated with Vet-Sonotron in two sessions per week for three weeks, receiving 6 Treatment Units (“TUs”) on each side of the spine. Improvement lasted 3-4 months. Along with the Vet-Sonotron treatment, an intensive trail riding and walking regime was incorporated, something the equine was unable to do prior to Vet-Sonotron therapy without the use of weekly steroid injections. Following the Vet-Sonotron treatment regimen, steroid injections were stopped for 1 year due to the promising results provided by the Vet-Sonotron.

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