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Developed and Manufactured by ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. (OTCQB-ADMT)

At the Vet

Understanding Vet-Sonotron's PRFT Technology

Localized pulsed radio frequency therapy in a portable compact device for Animal Health. 

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What is Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRFT) Therapy?

Vet-Sonotron Therapy

PRFT stands for pulsed radio frequency therapy. This is a non-invasive, safe therapy that is quick and easy to apply.  The Vet-Sonotron device consists of a base unit and hand-held applicator which emits safe long-wave rf frequency in combination with an audio frequency. This powerful combination PRFT discharge provides therapeutic benefits for animals in a number of painful and debilitating conditions.

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Proof is in the Pulsed Radio Frequency

"It was almost unbelievable how it worked. He would be dead lame, and an hour or so after the treatment with the machine, he would be sound. We were able to get the horse back to the races."

- AA, Owner, Trainer of Standardbreds

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